Hydro Geological Survey

We would recommend that prior to drilling a Borehole a hydrogeological survey is undertaken to establish the potential Quantity and to give an indication of the anticipated Quality of water.

We offer peace of mind as our highly trained staffs fully manage your project, from analysing your water quality requirements to drilling your borehole, through to switching on a clean and usable water supply. We have a proven track record of delivering a high-quality service on time and to budget.

Hydrogeological Assessment

We work with require a hydrogeological assessment in order to provide drilling costs.

The hydrogeological assessment typically comprises of (but is not limited to) the following tasks:

  • Determine the requirements of the customer, location, yield and use;
  • Geological assessment, general geology, lithology and structure
  • Hydrogeology, implications of the geology in terms of water bearing horizons, anticipated yield, hydraulic properties of each aquifer, groundwater flow direction, pathways and rates of flow.
  • Boreholes and abstractions in the catchment and region, including borehole logs and aquifer parameters (where known)
  • Data collection and collation
  • Groundwater quality assessment
  • Catchment assessment, an understanding of the anticipated groundwater catchment
  • Catchment risk assessment, and risks to yield and quality, including the potential for planned activities to result in groundwater contamination and known or expected presence, distribution, concentration and risk from existing contamination.
  • Anticipated yield and quality of abstracted water
  • Assessment of source, contaminant transport pathways and receptors for groundwater contamination
  • Initial assessment of health and environmental risk
  • Borehole design and recommendations